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Committee on Ministry

This elected committee (one member from each Association) reviews ministerial standing and guides Associations and churches with ordination process and orindation recognition.
Chairperson (2014):  Rev. Dr. Mark Caruana
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AssociationNameTerm Ending
AssociationNameTerm Ending
ABC/NYS Administrative Assistant Mary Schwarz  
ABC/NYS Executive Minister James Kelsey  
Adirondack  2016 
Allegany-Cattaraugus  2016 
Broome Tioga  2016 
Capital Area  2014 
Chautauqua Donald Howard 2016 
Finger Lakes Donald Lawrence 2016 
Fransego W. Jay Zaremba 2014 
Iroquois Scott Kavanagh 2016 
Living Waters  2014 
Madison Daniel Maxfield 2016 
Mid-Hudson/Union John Simon 2016 
Ministers Council Phillis Granger  
Mohawk-Oneida Cedric Broughton 2016 
Niagara Area Walter Hargrove 2014 
North Country Patricia Taylor 2014 
Wayne Steven Matteson 2014 
WEGO David Weidman 2014 
Showing 19 items