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Disaster Relief

Upcoming Disaster Relief Trips

American Baptist Home Mission Societies is organizing three different weeks of hurricane relief.  Two of the trips are going to New Jersey to assist with Hurricane Sandy relief while the third trip is to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina relief.  Click on the two pictures below to go to ABHMS website for more information.                


·         A church burns down

·         A flood fills the church and the community is damaged

·         A hurricane or tornado strikes

Opportunity comes:

·         To respond with prayer

·         To respond with finances

·         To respond with hands and feet

·         To receive the love and care of God’s love from God’s Hands and Feet

ABC/NYS is the conduit to help churches and communities in the midst of disaster.  You can help in the immediate and long term through several channels:

At the time of crisis in congregations, the ABC/NYS Executive Minister or Associate Executive Minister can be contacted to see what has happened and to offer words of encouragement.  Then, the Executive Ministry staff coordinates Regional resources to assist churches and call upon our other Regional churches for our churches and people to respond in prayer and many other ways. 

The Region is in contact with the American Baptist Men’s Disaster Relief team so that help can be made available using their tools and trailers to help clean-up and begin to rebuild homes and communities.  The Region also is in contact with the National Office for One Great Hour of Sharing seeking help beyond the Region from brothers and sisters of other Regions of ABC/USA.  Help and support is provided at the moment of headlines and crisis but also later during the rebuilding process for churches and communities.