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American Baptist Churches
of New York State
Mission Opportunities

American Baptist Churches of New York States has a strong connection with missions within New York State, our country and around the world.  On this link, we share information about missionary visits and upcoming Region-wide Mission Trips.  Any questions, please see the information below on who to contact.

International Missionary Visits:

Mission Opportunities

Denominational Grant Opportunities

The New York State Community Action Association (NYSCAA) offers a county-by-county analysis of poverty issues affecting our towns, cities and communities.  To access the report, visit NYSCAA website (Click the underlined words to the left to access directly).

NOTE:  The report (newly released April 1, 2015) reflects 2014 data and supersedes the 2013 version offered at our recent Change Conference workshop offered by Rev. Jerrod Hugenot.  To reflect on the learnings from this report and learn more about connecting with resources for community ministry, contact Rev. Hugenot at 518/380-4510 or