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The PSALM (Pastors' Salary and Local Ministry) Fund is focused on two areas:
  1. to provide grants for pastoral support to congregations whose pastors' salaries are below a minimal level and
  2. to provide emergency grants directly to pastors
Brief History of the PSALM Fund
Since the late 1950s, American Baptist Churches of New York State has helped provide a minimum salary level for pastors in needy situations.  Originally known as the Pastors' Salary Plan, the name of the program was changed to the PSALM Fund in the 1970s.  The program became a forerunner of a national salary plan that was funded and administered by the Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board (MMBB).  The national program has been phased out, however, and the need for the PSALM Fund of ABC/NYS is now greater than ever.
Over the years the PSALM Fund has provided support for a variety of ministries and programs -- including ecumenical inner-city ministries and migrant ministries. 
How to support the PSALM Fund
Every congregation of ABC/NYS is encouraged to include the PSALM Fund in its mission budget each year.
  • If your church does not currently have the PSALM Fund in its current budget, please include the PSALM Fund in next year's budget.  And, because the need is great and immediate, we invite your church to send a contribution this year as well.
  • If your church presently includes the PSALM Fund in its budget, we are grateful.  As you plan the mission budget for next year,we ask that you give prayerful consideration to increasing your church's contribution.