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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Minister, one auxiliary organization representative, nominated by the president, elected by the Board of Mission, four Boardof Mission members, nominated by president, elected by the Board of Mission, to create a representative committee.  At least two (2) of these shall be Association representatives to the Board.

The primary functions of the Executive Committee are as follows:
  • Assist in the development of the policies and priorities of the Board of Mission by: - Identifying needs - Weighing those needs - Recommending policies and priorities to the Board of Mission.
  • Assist the Board of Mission in determining policy and guiding ABC/NYS in accomplishment of mission priorities.
  • Serve on behalf of the ABC/NYS and the Board of Mission between their sessions, except in certain matters of staff appointments or financial decisions beyond the adopted budget as reserved to the Board of Mission. All matters acted on need to be presented to the Board of Missions at the next meeting for possible action or concurrence;
  • Serve as the Personnel Committee in concurrence with the provisions of the ABC/NYS personnel policy as adopted by the Board of Mission;
  • Appoint a search committee in the event of a executive minister vacancy;
  • Fulfill such other functions as delegated by the ABC/NYS or the Board of Mission.


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Lillian Cabral ABW Ministries NYS President 
Wendy Depew Partelow At-Large Member, Board of Mission 
James Kelsey Executive Minister 
Dennis Christiansen President 
Patricia Ludwig Secretary 
James Harriff Treasurer 
Marilyn Malone Vice President 
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