RET: Clergy Placement


The Regional Enhancement Team assists ABCNYS congregations in the critical times of pastoral transition.  As a pastor departs, churches often call upon ABCNYS for assistance with identifying supply pastors, interim ministers, intentional interim ministers and permanent pastors.  The ABCNYS region provides resources to help the congregation’s search committee to navigate the necessary steps between a pastor leaving, the interim period, the search process, and the calling of a new pastor.  Helping strengthen our local churches with great pastoral leadership is the fundamental goal of the Regional Enhancement Team.

The Regional Enhancement Team (RET) is supported by the Rev. Jerrod H. Hugenot, Associate Executive Minister.  Rev. Hugenot works closely with RET members living in the associations of ABCNYS.  Each associational RET member is appointed by the local association’s board and serves a three-year term.  Trainings are provided for the RET periodically to ensure knowledge base and best practices helpful to pastoral placement are communicated regularly. 

There is no cost for these services (training, travel, and hours) to an ABCNYS congregation.  The RET is part of the many ways the mission support donations to the Regional Offering and United Mission support fellow local churches, near and far.  To learn more about your church’s mission giving or to give financially to strengthen the work of ABCNYS, please contact your church treasurer or the ABCNYS region office.

For clergy interested in placement opportunities within ABCNYS, please contact 

An updated current profile with the American Baptist Personnel Services is strongly encouraged.   For clergy who do not use an ABPS profile, please be prepared to offer a resume (Word or pdf format) with ministry experience, skill sets, educational/training background, and three current professional references knowledgeable of your ministry work.