Resources for Churches & RET members

The Rev. Jerrod Hugenot, Associate Regional Minister, can be contacted via 518/380-4510 or  You can learn about pastoral placement opportunities, interim ministry needs, and other ways local churches can be strengthened for ministry and mission.

“Calling an American Baptist Minister” is a manual for pastoral placement within the American Baptist Churches/USA.  Brought to you free of charge by the mission support of ABC/USA congregations via United Mission and the American Baptist Personnel Services (ABPS).   The manual can be downloaded below.

The Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board (MMBB) is the American Baptist pension board.  MMBB serves clergy and their families through providing retirement plans and other services.  To learn more about providing benefits for your pastor, visit or call 1-800-986-6222.   Guides for clergy compensation and manuals for tax and legal issues for church related employers are provided as PDF files and updated annually.  Please ensure your church treasurer and other financial lay leadership are familiar with these provided resources.

Transitional Ministries is a ministry of the ABC/USA in partnership with ABCNYS and other regions.  The Transitional Ministries office (formerly “ABC Interim Ministry”) networks pastors with interim experience and skills and local churches in need of such skilled ministers.  Contact Rev. Hugenot for more information about calling an interim via Transitional Ministries.   Clergy interested in participating in this program should contact the Rev. Patricia Hernandez at the TM office.  To learn more, visit

The Alban Institute website laden with great resources for congregational ministry, including the classic book “Temporary Shepherds”, reflecting on the unique time churches enter into when between settled pastors .  Visit

Interim ministry is a form of specialized, skilled pastoral work.  To learn more about training opportunities to become a certified interim ministry specialist, please visit the Interim Ministry Network, an organization promoting excellence in interim ministry, training and continuing education opportunities.  Visit

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